This month, our Center for Marine Conservation received two groups from Trinity School, United Kingdom. Their visit to our center was to join our fun learning activities. We had a half day of fun learning activities that were done at Semawang Beach, Sanur, and our center.

The fun learning activities started in the early morning with a beach clean-up activity at Semawang Beach, Sanur. The first group of 14 participants that came on July 19 managed to collect 16,9 kg of non-organic waste. On July 27, the second group with 13 participants managed to collect a total of 16kg of non-organic waste covering the same location as the previous group. Most of the waste that was collected during the clean-up was food packaging. At the end of the beach clean-up, the CTC facilitator briefs the students about the waste that they collected, how long it takes for the trash to break down, and the origin of the waste.

After the beach clean-up, the a fun learning activities continued with a tour around our centerโ€™s facilities. CTCโ€™s facilitator then presented a short presentation about the Coral Triangle Region and its ecosystems. The fun learning class was reinforced with a board game session. All of the participants had the chance to play the Aquatico Board Game. The board game introduces the seven aquatic ecosystems and the biodiversity that dwells within each to its players.

Photos by Prasiwi Bestari/CTC