Semesta Terumbu Karang
Coral Universe

A monumental
ceramic art installation

Fostering ocean education through art and science

Ceramic coral pieces
meter-long exhibit and 2.5 meter in height
Volunteers came together to build the ceramic coral pieces

Semesta Terumbu Karang (Coral Universe) is a monumental outdoor exhibit that showcases the beauty of life under the ocean’s surface.  It is dedicated to the Coral Triangle region, home to the most biodiverse marine environment in the world, and highlights the beauty and fragility of coral reefs – and why we need to act now to protect and manage them.

The installation is designed by U.S.-based ceramic artist and ocean advocate, Courtney Mattison and made in collaboration with Indonesian artists Ricko Gabriel, Alfiah Rahdini, Sasanti Puri Ardini, Anak Agung Ivan WB together with more than 300 volunteers, supported by our partners Jenggala and Balai Teknologi Industri Kreatif Keramik.

Semesta Terumbu Karang (Coral Universe) measures 18.6 x 2.5 meters and aims to inspire the people from all walks of life to learn and reflect on the value of coral reefs and how they impact people and planet.