The Grand Blue Project

By Edi Frommenwiler

Edi has taken more than 15,000 dives himself always carrying a camera to share what he sees. A dive without a camera is a dive wasted.

Presenting 60,000 films produced over 30 years, The Grand Blue Project is an extraordinarily comprehensive video library of Indonesia’s marine biodiversity. It documents more than 1000 species ranging from the smallest pigmy seahorses to the largest whales. It is an important resource for marine biologists and students and an inspiring library for nature lovers.

The Coral Triangle Center is the first to present The Grand Blue Project thanks to the generosity of its producer Edi Frommenwiler.

Edi is a true pioneer of liveaboard diving. Captivated by the beauty of our coral reefs and inspired to spend his life sharing them, Edi built the MV Pindito in Kalimantan in 1990. Based on traditional timber sailing craft (pinisi) Pindito was fitted as the first purpose-built scuba liveaboard and spent the next 30 years leading dive cruises through Indonesia