Harmony Island

By Mulyana

‘Let us dive deep in the natural habitat of Mogus, the octopus monster with its colorful surroundings of coral islands, thriving acropora, school of fish and many other sea creatures. Admiring the beauty of the seascape should make us, human from the landscape, aware that we need to preserve its beauty.’

Mulyana raises the seabed to our eye level, revealing life underwater and provoking curiosity and empathy. He uses environmentally friendly materials including surplus yarn from the garment industry. He produced Harmony Island with the collective effort of 25 crocheters and raised crochet to an artform.

Mulyana is based on Yogjakarta and has exhibited in the USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand. Harmony Island is his first exhibition in Bali.

Selected pieces from Harmony Island are available for sale with proceeds used to support CTC’s conservation programs