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CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation is home to interactive learning activities that are enjoyable ways to learn about our marine environment. The activities are tailored for students, marine conservation professionals and adults interested in the unique biodiversity of the Coral Triangle and the many ways to protect it!

Fun Learning Class

Learn basic knowledge about the ocean and marine life, and why we must protect them. Through a concise 30 minutes’ presentation followed by fun quizzes and games, participants will be able to understand the issues that our oceans face and their existing solutions.

Amazing Ocean Race

Participate in a fun and friendly challenge with your mates, family and colleagues, by playing our Amazing Ocean Race. It’s a race against time and teams where you will be will be quizzed on ocean-related facts at the unique pit-stops throughout our facility, like the Wayang Samudra hall and the Coral Universe exhibit!

Coral Clay Workshop

Learn about corals while making your own out of clay! Bring out your creative side and learn about the different coral life forms that exist in a coral reef while hand molding clay. The workshop is based on the Coral Universe art-piece at the Center for Marine Conservation, aiming to raise awareness on the beauty and fragility of the coral reefs.


Take part in rehabilitating Bali’s coral reefs through our Adopt-A-Coral program. You can adopt a coral by simulating the coral tagging  and transplantation process using ceramic corals at our Center for Marine Conservation. Every week, we  send the tags to our community partner in Nusa Penida MPA where they will transplant an actual coral on your behalf. You will get an adoption certificate, a token, and a photo of your baby coral after six months.

Community Art Canvas

A unique painting workshop that brings people together to create a unique artwork focused on ocean life. This 2-hours workshop, guided by a local artist, can be attended by individuals or small groups where each participant can explore their creativity while learning about marine biodiversity and conservation! At the end of the workshop, the participants can get to keep their artwork too!

Day Trip to Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area

Starting with a short information session at the Center for Marine Conservation, CTC’s science team will then take you to Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area, famous for its stunning beaches, lush mangrove forest, pristine corals, and unique marine wildlife. While on the island, you will have a chance to participate in a coral transplantation project, plant a mangrove, visit the mangrove forest, and snorkel in the reefs. There will also be an opportunity to meet and discuss with local leaders who are spearheading conservation efforts and alternative income strategies such as seaweed farming in their community.

Dining with Art Performance

Join a unique dining experience at the Center for Marine Conservation and savor the local delicacies while enjoying a Wayang Samudra or Kecak performance by the Coral Universe exhibit. These performances tell compelling stories about the ocean and the iconic animals that live in it, inspiring you to care for our oceans.