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“Coral Triangle” – A New Painting Is Installed At CTC’s Center For Marine Conservation

December 3, 2021, Sanur, Bali — CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation has a new painting by Bali-based artist Davina Stephens. The artwork, which measures 113cm x 243 cm, features the artist’s signature style: utilizing wood blocks that she designed and carved by local artisans as well as colours that are applied…
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3 December 2021
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Learning The Basics Of Marine Conservation Through Art And Games

December 26, 2029, Sanur, Bali -- During the last week of December 2019, the CTC Center for Marine Conservation received two groups from Pandatrip. The group of Chinese students, ranging from three to 15 years old and accompanied by their parents, came to our center to learn about coral species…
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26 December 2019