Escape Room SOS from the Deep: Indonesia’s First Marine Conservation Themed Escape Room Opens in Bali

December 14, 2017, Sanur, Bali – Indonesia’s first ever ocean conservation themed escape room has opened its doors in Sanur, Bali welcoming players to save the world’s coral reefs and ocean animals while having a fun and exhilarating experience. 

Escape Room SOS from the Deep is an interactive experience where teams of 2-6 people enter a simulated underwater ocean scenario. In order to get to the next room and eventually to the exit, the teams must complete a series of puzzles to earn the next clue and gain access to the next stage. A game master guides the players and provides clues and hints to help them solve the tasks and puzzles inside the room.

Using initiative, lateral thinking and teamwork, the teams must navigate the ocean-themed experience and reach the final door within 60 minutes. Players will have to exit the room when their time is up even if they have not completed all the puzzles.

As players complete the tasks, they will be exposed to the dynamics of ocean environments, and the issues impacting the health of marine ecosystems along with facts about the Coral Triangle, which is considered the epicentre of the world’s marine biodiversity.

Escape Room SOS from the Deep is a project of the Coral Triangle Center (CTC), a non-profit organization based in Bali, dedicated to the protection of marine ecosystems in Indonesia and throughout the Coral Triangle. The escape room is located in CTC’s new Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur.

Escape Room SOS from the Deep’s primary purpose is to be a fun and interactive way to inspire people about the ocean environment, and the threats it faces while they challenge themselves against the puzzles. Players will come out with a greater understanding of the situation, what they can do to help, and with a smile on their face,” said CTC Executive Director Rili Djohani.

Escape Room SOS from the Deep is an all-ages facility, with everyone being able to play. Young professionals, millennials, and tourists can enjoy the game while packages for corporate events, conferences, team building workshops, and school groups are also available.

“Escape Room SOS from the Deep’s message is aligned with our mission to inspire people from all over the world to care for our oceans and those that depend on it. All proceeds from the escape room will support marine conservation projects in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle so players are not only having a great time but also contributing directly to conservation on the ground,” Ms. Djohani added.

Escape Room SOS from the Deep was designed by CTC in collaboration with Netherlands-based, award-winning, brand experience designer Aram Leeuw, and escape room specialist Frank Kastelein. The result is a unique combination of science-based marine conservation expertise and enhanced user experience that will surely guarantee an exciting and fun experience for everyone.

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