Learning About Marine Conservation Through “Community Art Canvas”

February 23, 2019, Sanur, Bali — As part of the fun learning activities available at the Center for Marine Conservation, the CTC now offers painting workshops that focus on ocean life. In 2019, we plan to hold more events that center on combining the arts with informative content on marine life, so that people can learn and get inspired to care for our oceans.

 Our first art workshop event this year was held during the launch of Kedai Kopi Hilly, the Center for Marine Conservation’s new coffee corner. During this painting workshop, local artist Nova invited participants to join in a community canvas painting that would represent life underwater. Anybody could pick up a brush and make any form of brush strokes that would later be painted as a fish, coral or any other marine animal. The possibility was endless, and everyone was encouraged to paint to their heart’s content.

The result, a bright and colourful underwater scenery that showcases the vibrant life below the ocean’s surface. This community art canvas was made possible by everyone having fun and working together, which we hope would inspire people to do the same to keep our oceans healthy and beautiful.

These 2-hour workshops can be attended by individuals and small groups alike and you’ll get to keep your artwork too!

To join our next community art canvas. keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages where we’ll post event reminders. To organize a community art canvas for your own group, send an email to info@coraltrianglecenter.org