Kedai Kopi Hilly Opens At CTC Center For Marine Conservation

February 22, 2019, Sanur, Bali – Come and join us at Kedai Kopi Hilly – open from 9AM-6PM at the CTC Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur, Bali!

On 22 February 2019, the CTC celebrated the launch of Kedai Kopi Hilly with a taste of delightful savouries and sweets. There were 41 guests that attended the launch of Kedai Kopi Hilly. Kedai Kopi Hilly is a cafe at the CTC Center for Marine Conservation where families and friends get together and enjoy drinks and delicious specialties from Hilly’s homemade recipes such as coconut pie (Klappertart), pumpkin pie, tapioca pie, and apple cake. Hilly Lapian is a native from Minahasa and inherited the love for cooking from her mother. Hilly studied in Holland and became a member of the student club ‘Perintis Budaya’ to promote Indonesia throughout Europe through cultural performances. It is in Hilly’s nature to welcome everyone with a smile. Start your learning journey about the oceans through the welcoming atmosphere at Kedai Kopi Hilly!