Strengthening Teamwork and Collaboration through Leadership Training

September 20, 2019, Sanur, Bali — Collaboration is the key to a great team! To strengthen our internal communication and teamwork, CTC conducted leadership training for all staff at the Center for Marine Conservation on September 19-20, 2019. The first day focused on building the capacity of the senior management team to collaborate and resolve conflicts in the workplace, and to improve communication and problem-solving through learning strategies to help cross-team collaboration. The second day worked with the entire CTC team to improve communication within departments, and across the organization as a whole.


The training was conducted using various activities from team-building games, group discussions, and presentations. Through the fun games, the team was given a scenario where they had to traverse the courtyard while facing various challenges amongst team members. During the indoor session, the staff discussed and evaluated their teamwork in each department, as well as in the organization as a whole. Everybody had the chance to express their ideas and thoughts for better collaboration for the CTC team!


This was CTC’s second year working with Robert Schout, the President of Powerskills, whose mission is to build skills, spirit and community at work and in life. Bob was once again a fantastic facilitator, allowing the team to build skills and competencies, gain insights, and develop together. The training was facilitated by Powerskills and supported by USAID the US Department of the Interior (USDOI) International Technical Assistance Program.